A Level Biology aims to enhance your understanding and appreciation of living organisms, how they function individually and how they interact with one another. As well as being interesting, advances in the Biology have direct relevance to our everyday lives. Examples of this are to be found in new medical treatments, increased agricultural output, the protection of endangered species and the development of new food products.

There is a new A level for study from 2015. For further information on how this will impact on your study click on the link to the AQA website for further details or click here.

Biologists are at the forefront of biomedical, pharmaceutical, agricultural and ecological research, so if you are looking for an exciting, flexible field of study with excellent career prospects, both within science and in the wider employment market, then look no further than Biology.

An A Level in Biology will allow you to go to university to study a wide range of subjects. If you wish to study Medicine, Dentistry, Optometry, Physiotherapy or other medical-related degrees, Veterinary Science, Agriculture, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Environmental Health, Chiropody, Nursing, Forensics, Pharmacy and Physiotherapy then Biology is the subject for you.