A Level Physics

Physics is an exciting subject which aims to explain how things work from the smallest to the largest of scales, from nanotechnology, to the universe itself. It takes in practice and theory, specialist pure research and applications in the surroundings of everyday life. This is a new course from 2015, for further details see the AQA website or click here.

You will look at how things move under the action of forces and what energy exchanges occur, and study electrons, waves and photons, looking at all aspects of electrical circuits, wave theory and an introduction to quantum physics. Studying physics will provide you with benefits which last a lifetime and knowledge and skills which are valued by employers generally.

Some of these benefits are harder to quantify than others, such as the pleasure that can come from being able to read about and understand the latest discoveries in science, while others are more specific. Where these skills are useful in many contexts, they are called transferable skills. They include, for example, a practical approach to problem solving, the ability to reason clearly and to communicate well.

Physics is a highly regarded and well respected subject at A level. It is stimulating and challenging while developing skills in logical thought and Mathematical rigour. The course is designed to form strong scientific investigative skills while introducing students to the wonderful world of Advanced Physics.