A Level Chemistry

The world we live in has been shaped by Chemistry. Medicines, materials that allow us to communicate electronically, and the clothes we wear all demonstrate the power of chemistry to make our lives better.

Chemists help to understand the world and develop solutions to the problems facing modern society. Some of the work of chemists over recent years has included identifying environmental problems like the hole in the ozone layer and the role of greenhouse gases; developing drugs for previously untreatable diseases and the continuing search to improve our quality of life - without burdening the environment.

Chemistry is everywhere and one reason why many students study chemistry is because they want to help change the world, through research and its application. However, others use their chemistry degree as a springboard for a range of careers including medicine, teaching, management, law and finance. Career opportunities for chemists are excellent and graduates can expect to obtain competitive salaries.

The course aims to stimulate interest in and enjoyment of chemistry, to foster imaginative, logical and critical thinking, to demonstrate the wider application of chemical knowledge, showing appreciation for social, environmental, economic and technological contributions to society. It integrates theory and experimental work, developing investigative and manipulative skills. Students are encouraged to develop their scientific communication skills through research, discussion and written work.


The Specification can be found here. This will also provide you with additional materials such as exam papers, examiners reports and further information on the chemistry course.