Careers using Science?

More and more jobs are being created that require Science qualifications, there are a range of careers available at many different levels from GCSE through to degree level and beyond.

Many new apprenticeships in Science and technology are being created and you can look at the range of these by visiting this website notgoingtouni. Many of these apprenticeships will prepare you for a specific job, with on the job training and further study at College or University. There are apprenticeships in many areas form Forensics to Marine Biology and Engineering. You can even use your Science to apply for apprenticeships at the British security services.

Want to Study Science beyond A levels then university/ College study may be the way forward. Try looking on the UCAS website or individual universities to find out what grades you will need.

If you want a particular career in Science, then look here at Science Buddies to find out what a range of Scientists do in their particular chosed career.

Further information from the UK government on Scientific careers can be gathered here.

If you are intereted in using your Science in one of the Healthcare professions then look here.

But remember there are many careers not related to Science specifically that are accesible by doing Science qualifications. These careers want people who have studied Science because of the skills they have acquired whilst studying Science.