Year 7 Science

Students are taught initially in form groups in year 7. Following an exam based on KS2 Science students will be placed in sets. During this time they will be taught elements of Chemistry, Physics and Biology. They will also explore how Science is used in everyday life through "Working Scientifically". An integral part of the Science course is practical work. Students will be taught how to carry out practical work safely, to collect valid results, express these results in other formats, and explain the Science behind their results, and comment on possible sources of error and further improvements. Students will start by undertaking a short introduction to Safety issues in Science particularly during practical work.

Students will then study units on Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Each of these will be assessed via an end of unit test. All students will sit an end of year exam. These test grade averages together with teacher recommendation and end of year exam results will help to decide what set the students will be allocated to in year 8.

Materials to aid learning will be displayed on Its Learning which your child has access to via PB Gateway. They should choose year 7 Science on "Its Learning".